KALMOD Behaviours for Health CIC KALMOD Behaviours For Health provides novel, individually tailored personal health services to improve patient empowerment, quality of life and improved disease self-management. 

The underpinning Kaleidoscope Model of Care is unique in that it incorporates existing philosophies that address only part of disease care and self-management. It pulls these together into a holistic, wide-reaching model that addresses all aspects of living with chronic conditions such as diabetes, COPD, IBD and cancer. 

  • Provides an easy-to-use package of care for each person and their healthcare professional designed to meet their individual needs, streamlining healthcare processes and challenging current boundaries and norms of operation.
  • Will streamline healthcare delivery in consultations, without extending consultation time. Instead it will facilitate more focused, productive consultations for people with diabetes and healthcare professionals to ensure each are able to achieve their own targets.
  • Removes the pressure from healthcare professionals to provide ‘the’ answer without really understanding personal barriers to self-management.
  • Removes pressure to conform to treatment that may not fit with individuals’ preferences and circumstances.
  • Identify persons and treatment options/medical devices to be aligned for best long-term, sustainable usage
  • Will be scalable, modifiable to other chronic health conditions, adaptable to different languages, easily updatable to meet new care pathways and at minimum cost.
  • Significantly improves the healthcare experience, improves outcomes and reduces the risks of long-term complications by engaging patients in a holistic assessment, with responsibility for self-management with the patient and responsibility for the process and delivery of best practice healthcare with healthcare professionals.











We are proud to partner with global leaders across industry, academia, non-profit and advocacy sectors.  We have strong, long-standing collaborations with our partners in the delivery of robust, evidence-based and theory driven clinical research.  Furthermore, we provide high quality training at undergraduate, post-graduate and professional development levels tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Our clients and collaborations are wide-reaching, spanning large and small companies and organisations.  Our expertise extends to public health, disease prevention and disease management.  Our team is goal focused, friendly, reliable and committed to supporting the needs of our clients and partners.

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